//Boo! Making Sales less ‘Spooky’

Boo! Making Sales less ‘Spooky’

By Grace Sailer

Stop fearing face-to face sales with the advice of our CEO

In spirit of the Halloween season, we’re taking a look at ways to make face-to-face sales a little less ‘spooky’. Typically, when you get stage fright, you might imagine your audience in their underwear, but we’re here to give you advice that might be a little more appropriate when it comes to working with clients. While sales can be an intimidating profession, when you hold certain skills and confidence, it becomes a breeze. 

We asked CEO and founder Raïna Chemaly about her advice when it comes to overcoming the fear of sales. She was quick to point out that most anxiety when it comes to sales has to do with “the fear of rejection”. 

She described why most people get rejected in the first place, saying that “most of the time, it’s just not the right time for people to buy; It’s usually nothing to do with you.” and that “people are never as bad as you think; most people are nice, and if they do reject you, it may simply not be the right time for them.”

Once a salesperson learns how to move on from ‘getting a no’, “things become a lot easier and you become more successful.” quotes Raïna. 

Some ways to do this, she says, include not taking things personally, and to be yourself when meeting clients. “People are more likely to gravitate toward people who are genuine and buy from who they like.” 

Overall, the CEO recommends honesty, integrity and belief in yourself and the product in order to make sales successfully and without fear. “Rely on your work ethic, the product will sell if you sell it.” 

Even in the face of rejection, Raïna looks upon icons like Mark Cuban and even Chris Pratt, who both started out as door to door salesmen and speak a lot about dealing with failure and rejection. Both now successful figures in their respective industries, Raïna chooses to use their experiences to highlight the value within rejection itself. “Focus more on what you get out of [sales], it should be less about the losses and more about the little wins and what you learn.” 

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