Happy Birthday Jobed!

An exclusive interview with one of our best salesmen- Jobed Phanord by Grace Sailer Jobed "Jo" Phanord, salesperson for Vivint on behalf of RHiiNO Corp, celebrates his 21st birthday this Friday. To celebrate him and his recent accomplishment of reaching #1 in sales, we gave him an exclusive interview so our followers could know all [...]

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Boo! Making Sales less ‘Spooky’

By Grace Sailer Stop fearing face-to face sales with the advice of our CEO In spirit of the Halloween season, we’re taking a look at ways to make face-to-face sales a little less 'spooky'. Typically, when you get stage fright, you might imagine your audience in their underwear, but we’re here to give you advice [...]

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Labor Day 2021: Appreciating Workers in Today’s World

By Grace Sailer Monday September 6th 2021 marks yet another celebration of Labor Day: The American holiday that celebrates this nation’s workers. This holiday, usually accompanied by a whole weekend of celebration, either through barbeques, parades, or end-of-summer vacations, is a day for Americans to kick their feet up and escape from the real world, [...]

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