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“We are here to create history, not repeat it.”

RHiiNO Corp is not your average marketing company. There is a lot of competition in today’s marketplace- with so many messages crowding through streaming, social, and traditional advertising it’s easy to for great products and services to get lost in the shuffle. We believe that the personal relationship behind a business transaction plays a very important role in how companies think about doing business with our clients again. So, at RHiiNO, we have put a lot of focus on making sure that every account we service receives the one on one attention they deserve.

The original idea of the founders of RHiiNO Corp was to create a company with the absolute best outsourced marketing and sales services that clients could ask for. Over the years, as we perfected our craft of business customer acquisitions, our aspirations have evolved. We have taken on additional clients and expanded into new markets. But the concepts we were founded on remain at our core.

We seek to exceed the expectations of our clients, their customers, our local community, and in the long run, our people.

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