//How to Cultivate Gratefulness

How to Cultivate Gratefulness


In light of the holiday, we’d like to talk about the benefits of practicing gratefulness and how you can bring more gratefulness into your own life.

Practicing gratefulness has many benefits that positively impact all areas of our lives. When we focus on the good in our lives, we fill our hearts with positivity and light and limit the room for negativity to dwell within our souls.

When we start each day by thinking of what we are thankful for, we begin our day feeling positive and grateful for what we do have instead of allowing ourselves the chance to focus on the negatives or what we do not have. When we begin our days feeling so positive and upbeat, all aspects of our lives will feel that affect. Our relationships will benefit, we will work better with our colleagues, we will succeed better in our career life and we will just be happier overall. Starting each day with positivity and a grateful heart will set off a chain reaction, affecting all areas of your life and hopefully rubbing off on all of the people you encounter.

How can we learn to cultivate gratefulness within our lives?  There are some habits that all of us can get into on a daily basis in order to learn to be more appreciative of all that we have and lead more happy, thankful and peaceful lives.

  1. Journal. Writing down what you’re thankful for will help to solidify your positive thoughts. Like anything else, in order to get into the habit of practicing gratitude, you will need to be consistent and have a plan. Journaling for five to ten minutes a few times a week will reinforce all that you are grateful for and getting your thoughts down on paper is more meaningful than just thinking them.
  1. Spend time with those you love. It is so important to make time for those who are important to you. We all have people in our lives who we are grateful for- people who mean something to us for various reasons. As human beings, it is important for us to show our appreciation for one another and spend quality time with those we care about. Nothing is worse than regretting time we could have spent with loved ones once it’s too late.
  1. Take the time to smell the roses. In order to truly practice gratefulness, you have to know the value of the little things. It can be easy to forget to appreciate all of the small things in today’s materialistic world.
  1. Spend time in nature. Nothing helps you feel grateful for your existence like spending some time in the great outdoors. We all need to break away from technology and the man-made world sometimes and get back to nature in order to really appreciate the beauty of the world.
  1. Spend some alone time. It helps to spend some time with your own thoughts, away from everything and everyone in order to appreciate what you have. Sometimes you need to give yourself some time to miss what you’ve got in order to appreciate it.

Practicing gratefulness will take you along way in life and will just plain make you feel good!  Check back to learn more about our upcoming charity event – just another way to give back and be grateful for what we have!

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