//How to prepare for an interview

How to prepare for an interview

When it comes to having an interview lined up, that can come with a lot of stress. There are so many ways to relieve that stress by correctly preparing for your interview. Preparing and planning for an interview is the main way to impress the future employer, feel confident in yourself, and lastly, have the most positive outcome. RHiiNO Corp wanted to share the tips we find most important when it comes to preparing for an interview.

Here are our tips: 

  • Research the company you are interviewing for 
  • Know their mission statement 
  • Know their goals
  • Remind yourself why you are interviewing for this position 
  • Have your resume printed with several copies (at least 3)
  • Practice speaking confidently and using correct body language 
  • Write down important characteristics about yourself and how you would benefit the company by working there, include: 
  1. Your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Your benefits to the company 
  3. Why they should hire you 
  4. Your expectations for yourself and others 
  5. Where you see yourself in 5 years 

Overall, there are several ways tomake sure you go into your interview feeling confident. These tips will be a huge helper to anyone feeling stressed or timid about a future interview. Don’t be scared to stand out and put yourself out there, you got this! 

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