//Qualities of People That Get Promoted

Qualities of People That Get Promoted

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. However, they all have a few standard qualities that make them the leaders that they are!

  1. They have a positive attitude. When it comes to success, attitude is the #1 factor. Without a positive attitude, things will fall apart quickly. A positive mindset is what allows us to wake up and give it another try no matter what, interact with others in a progressive manner, and keep ourselves and our businesses healthy.
  2. They aren’t afraid to try. People who are on the track to leadership aren’t afraid to put themselves out there no matter what. They assert their ideas and opinions, even though they may be wrong. They try out new ideas and systems even though they may fail. They aren’t afraid to embarrass themselves or to fail at something because they know that it’s all part of the process of learning and growing.
  3. They are team players. One of the most important qualities of a leader is the ability to be a team player. Those who show that they are able to step up when needed, take the back seat when appropriate, and facilitate and organize team projects demonstrate key leadership abilities.
  4. They speak up. It’s important to know when to sit back and when to speak up. Those with leadership skills aren’t afraid to take the platform and make their voices heard when something needs to be said.
  5. They are creative. Creativity and innovation is vital when it comes to the growth and development of a business. It’s important for businesses to keep up with ever-changing trends and standards of the market. This means that the company’s leaders must be creative, out-of-the-box thinkers.
  6. They self-motivate. The ability to self-motivate is absolutely critical when it comes to leadership and management positions. Leaders understand that external motivation is only temporary. They are able to tap into their internal drive and motivate themselves.
  7. They are ready to work. Those capable of leadership are ready to dig in and get their hands dirty. They know that they may have to put in a little bit of time to earn their stripes, and that nothing good comes easy. They are prepared to earn what that want.
  8. They don’t make excuses. Those with leadership qualities don’t make excuses for their shortcomings or pass the buck. They own up to their mistakes and correct them. That take ownership instead of passing the blame, and they take responsibility for their actions.
  9. They are ready to learn. A student mentality is a key element in taking you to the top. NEVER stop learning. Never become “too developed, too experienced, or too educated”, to learn from someone or from an experience. That will be the exact moment that you plateau and fail to progress any further.
  10. They believe in themselves. A leader believes in himself, no matter what. In order to be successful, you must believe in yourself, almost to the point of foolishness. You can and you will!

            There are many types of leaders out there, and each of us are capable of becoming one. It is all dependent on the habits and the mentality that we develop. Do you have a leader within you?

Stay tuned to see our next post coming about one of the newest members of our leadership team, Fanny!



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