//Working at home with RHiiNO Corp

Working at home with RHiiNO Corp

During this time, being at home is what seems like the everyday norm. Quarantine has played a role in the RHiiNO Corp teams’ everyday activities and has been for the past couple of weeks. We have coped with this new lifestyle by staying connected through Zoom, a video conferencing app. Having Zoom has allowed us to continue to team build and stay engaged with each other while not present in the office. During this time, I have conducted a small Q&A with our head of HR, Taylor, on how she is dealing with being in quarantine during this time. Read all about it here:

Q: What are you getting out of working from home?
A: I’m getting extra time that I don’t normally have to work on self-development and gain new skills.
Q: Has it been difficult to communicate effectively?
A: At first it was difficult not being able to talk in person but like everyone else I had to adapt and found what worked for me and it got much easier!
Q: What have you done to keep busy during quarantine?
A: To keep busy I’ve been cooking more recently and reading books that I’ve wanted to read but haven’t gotten the chance to.
Q: What keeps you motivated by working from home?
A: I know that the harder I work from home the more successful we will be when things are back to normal and it keeps more extremely motivated to get things done!
Overall, RHiiNO Corp is doing as much as we can to help promote efficiency not only to our team but to everyone around us as well!

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